Bleeding of love.. (Of my frozen yoghurt)

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Bleeding of love.. Of my frozen yoghurt

When the sand gets warm even gets hot..
Bare foot I walk down the beach
Sad coz the chapel was closed
Did you ever go inside .. The Irish lady asked.. And she said.. Beautiful 
and my eyes just staring of the candles of OUR LADY Chappell 
Inside. I cry.. 
Walk down to the beach with my bare feet.. 
Is that Wind?… Or the angel blow His nostril? ..
Berries.. On top of mine.. And Caramel on top of yours
Bleeding of love.. 
No.. Or maybe..
But as long as I know.. My frozen yoghurt bleeds with berry compote..
And yours? You said .. You had enough with my sweet caramel?
 Can I have it .. So you can have my bleeding yoghurt.. 
Something that I learned today.. How sweet when I saw they were holding hands
Berries and caramel never been together 
But when you saw them holding hands.. 
As a frozen yoghurt in a sunny day..

675g Greek yoghurt
150g caster sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Berry compote

1. Mix together the yoghurt, sugar and vanilla. Refrigerate the yoghurt mixture for 45 minutes.
2. Pour the yoghurt mixture into the bowl of an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions
3 Serve with berry compote

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