Say No to Dog Meat!!

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Dear my lovely friends..

I wrote this letter is only reminder…
I know it wasn’t my responsibility to ask you or to let you know..
I was walking down the street in Villanova … Yesterday..
And I saw white with spot brown dog.. Stray.. Maybe..
Remind me .. Me Mollie..
Me Dog.. When I was a boy.. ( I am a man now)
She always look after the house when we away..
Sleep under me Dad “Jimny jangkrik”*
Bark to a strangers..
I was 7 at the time..
She didn’t eat meat… Rice and ” lodeh” was her favourite (thinking she must be vegetarian dog)
One early morning everyone talk about mollie.. Because she was gone..
Me Mom said.. Some one must be “bedog” her..
(bedog in Javanese it mean pinch, killed, for food)
My Dear friends.. We are not that poor
We are not that desperate for food ..
So.. Why do you still eat dog meat??
Is that part of our culture..really????
Dear friends.. My letter is just questioning about our appreciation of food..
Don’t you think sometime you just being greedy..
Just because you think it’s nice so you can eat what ever you want.. Include me mollie
Dear friends..
I don’t want digging more about how to killed the dog.. To satisfied your palates!!
Dear friends ..
I should introduce you with my Amy Gray..
She even know when I am feeling blue..

So.. I just want you think ..
( I bet you said.. “who the f***are you?? )
And my answer..
( it’s me Bobby.. Your old friend.. So.. Stop eating me f**** g Dog!!!!)

One thought on “Say No to Dog Meat!!

    yakub said:
    January 17, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Dulu masakan daging anjing adalah jamu skr jadi menu. Ketika aku kecil makanan itu disebut sate jamu karena memang untuk obat. Konon berefek menyembuhkan dan memberi kekuatan. Orang menjualnya dgn sembunyi sebunyi dalam wadah yang dijinjing dan ditutupi serbet. Serbet itu menjadi semacam kode, klo yg dibawa adl sate jamu. Penjualnya tak perlu mnjajakan orang ssdh pada tahu. Skr makanan itu dijual terbuka. Dengan gbr yg fulgar. Duku disebut RW artinya “rada wadi” ato rahasia, skr RW adl rasa waung. Waung = anjing.

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