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Gohu (Ternate fresh tuna salad)

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Bidding a recipe every week for Felicity Cloake from the guardian, I found it interesting sometimes. Especially when the subject is quite hard as this weeks recipe challenge is a Raw Dish.
Raw dish in Indonesia as my background seems quiet difficult to find unless raw recipe as a raw vegetable like salads. What about raw meat? Hell Noooo
But looking back when I lived in Indonesia, one dish that I can strongly remember as a raw dish is Gohu, a recipe with raw tuna from Ternate, Island of Moluccas.
Nothing as complicated with this recipe, and I bet when Alfred Russell Wallace wrote “Ternate essay”, he nibbled gohu as he wrote the conclusion “This progression, by minute steps, in various directions, but always checked and balanced by the necessary conditions, subject to which alone existence can be preserved, may, it is believed, be followed out so as to agree with all the phenomena presented by organized beings, their extinction and succession in past ages, and all the extraordinary modifications of form, instinct, and habits which they exhibit”
Gohu (Ternate Fresh Tuna Salad)
Serves 2
200g fresh tuna steak (really fresh line caught yellowfin tuna steak or ask your fishmonger for sashimi grade tuna steak)
5 birds eye chillies sliced thinly 
12 Asian shallots, sliced thinly 
A Bunch of kemangi or lemon basil (or you can substitute with a bunch of basil add with few mint leaves) 
4tbs. Coconut oil (can substitute with rapeseed oil) 
Lime juice from 3 limes
Lime zest from 1 lime 
1/2 tsp. Salt and sugar to taste 
50g walnuts toasted and crushed 
Cut tuna steak into 1 inch cubes, add lime juice and salt rub thoroughly, add the sliced chillies, shallots and lime zest.
Cut roughly bunch of basil leaves and slice thinly mint leaves and mix it well into the tuna, toss and drizzle with coconut oil.
Serve with the crushed walnuts on top.