Rujak Degan Biji Selasih (Coconut, Pomegranate and Basil seeds)

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Coconut Syrup
150g coconut sugar
1/2 cup of water

50g fresh young coconut flesh slices
1 pomegranate
750 ml. Coconut water
2 tsp. Biji selasih (basil seeds) soak in the water
5 shots of Coconut rum
2 shots of Rhubarb liqueur
2 tbs grenadine
Crush ice
Lime juice from 1 lime

To make coconut syrup boiled coconut sugar with water.
Fill a pitcher with coconut water, add coconut rum, grenadine and rhubarb liqueur stir it. Fill up with crushed ice, serve with pomegranate young coconut flesh and Biji selasih (basil seeds) that already soaked in water that look like frog eggs, drizzle with Carmelite coconut syrup and lime juice.

Ps: you can get basil seeds from Asian groceries or online

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