Ginger and Vanilla Hot Chocolate

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Midnight feast

Serve 1 comfortably

This recipe using Espresso Machine with steamer wand attached.
65g dark chocolate (green and black 85% cocoa), grated
250ml milk
60ml double cream
1tsp vanilla sugar
1 ½ tsp muscovado sugar
½ tsp ground ginger
Put Dark Chocolate and 50ml milk into a milk jug, and using streamer espresso machine, steam into 70°C, pour into mug or glass add vanilla sugar, muscovado sugar and ground ginger whisk until smooth like honey. Mix remaining milk and double cream into milk jug steam the milk and try to aerated milk to create smooth foam similar if we make cappuccino, stop steaming when temperature reach 70°C. pour the milk into the chocolate mixture, hold the foam using a table spoon when pouring the milk and pour the foam at the last drop to hold dark chocolate topping or caramel butterscotch sauce on top.
This hot comfort drink just a bliss in the middle of the night

If you don’t have thermometer, you know you can stop steaming when you can’t hold the jug comfortably – keep a hand cupped around milk jug while steaming.
If you don’t have espresso machine, use small pan on the hob, use a whisk or a spoon to stir the milk constantly and melt the chocolate in a microwave.


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