Month: April 2018

Solo Spirit of Java

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Sweet and sticky, savoury coconut milk is the first impression, if you travel to the city that never sleeps. To enjoy Javanese food and if you are strong enough with spicy food and your heart is actually healthy enough for the deep fried dishes explore the side streets and traditional markets
What I am thinking
Strolling along Solo City walk was the easiest place to start, in the evening you can find a few serabi (kind of coconut pancakes) vendors, you can choose toppings of either jackfruit or banana and chocolate. I don’t think the serabi sellers are willing to explore different ingredients which may work with this pancake. A few coffee shops are available and lots of roti (roti : sweet bread or kind of brioche) vendors, if you are looking for sourdough bread, you are in the wrong place, I’ll let you know when I find it..
Chicken satay, Gosh!! Everywhere, but if you ask people in Solo, they will point you straight to a place call Nonongan, on the junction of Slamet Riyadi which is still in the Solo City Walk Area. Not meaning to criticise or be rude but it’s a bloody junction where the traffic is chaotic, think about dust and fumes from mopeds and cars.. Will I recommended this to you guys? Well it’s back to you, it’s street food that we are talking about.
For many years I didn’t stroll into a traditional market, so I went to one called Pasar Nangka (pronounced Nongko), very little has changed, the market traders are still lovely they keep smiling and if white Caucasians are hanging around with you they show more interest with the “Bule”, and try to explain what they are selling and want to know why a foreigner is lost in that place.
My tips on how to haggle in the traditional market:-
• Speak their ethnic language properly, you then don’t need to haggle!!
• Don’t haggle more than 3% unless you think the price they are asking is ridiculous and you are shameless!!
• Don’t hesitate to ask the price for the product they sell, in my experience they are all honest and helpful.
• Do remember that all the the traders need to make a living so why are you bothering to haggle?