Bobby Ananta a Java Man

Java like many other coffee-growing regions, posses astonishing natural beauty. This scenery, however, directly contrasted with the “contempt and want consideration with which the native are treated” as Francis Thurber observed in 1881 work Coffee: Plantation to Cup. Each family of natives had to raise and care for 650 coffee trees and to harvest and process them fr the Dutch government. The price received by the natives from the government is placed at a figure low enough to leave an enormous margin f profit to the government. Thurber noted. The Dutch thereby “have maintained a most grinding despotism over their miserable subjects, levying forced loans and otherwise despoiling those who… have accumulate anything beyond their daily subsistence.

I am a Java man, that my ancestor in history as a coffee grower..
Isn’t responsibility is only reminder..

To keep Java (coffee) as a heritage of Javanese
To enjoy Java and other relatives (Sumatra, Sulawesi, Timor, Papua)

Wondering if they (the other Java men) remember perfect brew

Java man.. Pithecanthropus Erectus Paleo Javanicus .. Is only 25 km from my home town .. Hahahaha Thanks to E. Dubois!

It is only about coffee, how to brew an how to enjoy it

Yup.. Me ..BOBBY ANANTA.. a Java Man

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