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LONDON COFFEE (Think about coffee or cakes or tea or friends or just me)

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Was early April, 9 am to 9 pm hangout with my two Indonesian bright girls,
Straight to Notting hill , ARANCINA bright orange fresh orange juice and slice pizza.. Pleasant ambient.. Just one customer in there with his iPad, upstairs..
Oi .. Where should we meet.. (Jayjay’s mom on the phone)
And I saw 2 Canadian girls with cup of coffee (or tea) and the both said go to the main road .. In the left hand side.. And it’s lilac .. Like there cups.. Lilac..
Single espresso .. Hahaha Paul Rhodes .. Dead single espresso no crema what so ever.. Still lovely display..
Packed ..
Want something from here? Nope.. Let’s move.. Pass trough hummingbird bakery .. (still bit early) .. We back latter.. (Lingkie chingo said)
And Gail’s double espresso macchiato, cuppa, creamy leeks croissant..
Bloody hell.. Nice creamy macchiato .. Perfect sexy foam.. Sweet macchiato,
All good.. All good.. #smile on twit
Damn.. 12 at noon.. Need to move.. Jayjay’s mom said.. Red calling..
So just me and Lingkie chingo.. And we need to move to the centre .. No.26
They said .. One of top 10 best London coffee shop (tapped and packed)
Flat white and cake.. (did I have cupcake.. Totally forgot.. It mean cake it’s not as good as hummingbird)
But.. Still remember.. Chunky sandwich in front of me.. (roast winter veg, with mascarpone..) and soups.. In the corner.. Remind me of little corner opposite sotherby’s Lisbon
Flat white… I don’t want to judge.. But please see the pic of it ..
Still like the atmosphere.. Nice smile ..
Wandering .. Me and Lingkie.. In.. Out.. Walk .. In .. Out (underground) and back to the centre.. Ahhhh Lantana…. Another top best..
Hahahha.. Small van with cuppa and scones .. I inspire the man how to persuade us..
1 pm.. It’s time for dimsum so.. We run… Lol lol
When we back to FLAT WHITE (another top 10..) can we escape from scone man?
Nom nom.. 6 different dimsum and soup..
Ohhh noooo now we need to go back pass trough scone man..
Thanks God.. We escape .. He get couple customers.. to serve..
And FLAT WHITE.. Squeeze.. Can’t move.. Packed.. Not my favourite et all..
I don’t want to say its dirty but if u sat in the back.. Wasn’t really clean.. Sorry..
Now I wondering is that press and twit or coffee..
I don’t know.. (still thinking)
And let’s move on..
Le Parisien Chiswick .. Lingkie chingo bf fav.. I know why..
Honest, wise and personal touch..
She ask me.. If I want to order cup of coffee because she need to clean the espresso machine..
Smile .. No fuss..
And clean toilet.. Coz. I am desperado.. (after all that beverages)
It was 6 pm or half 5
After finish it off crepe .. Yummy..
Move …
This shop is brill, look American for me.. Outsider Tart
And what I had was a lovely chocolate to take it home..

We move.. Quick…Payton and brine (closed)
And I am heading to the north .. After kissed two my best Indonesian girls..
It was lovely..
Indohoy .. Hahahahah I love I when Jayjay’s mom made one..

Thank you.. It was lovely..
It was ….
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Rambla del Rafal, me and the Girl from Romania

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Hi… Little boy.. Hi.. Little boy..

(0hhh noooo.. She’s looking at me.. ) wearing tight, bright red top.. With really short skirt, high heels..
Pretty if you look into her face..
And she keeps calling.. Hi.. Little boy…
( should I keep walking and ignore her.. Or should I stop.. )
And she said.. “cinta”…
( I think .. Did she say that.. Or I just misheard …)
I stopped and say hi.. Honestly.. She gave me a proper smile .. It wasn’t fake..
And she said.. Apa Kabar?. (it means how are you?), kamu dari Indonesia?( are you from Indonesia?), cinta? (love?)
Berapa lama di Barcelona (how long you stay in Barcelona?)
.. And she pick my chin .. Like I’m a little boy..
She wasn’t nasty.. When she looked at me.. Make me feel safe..
When I look around there are about five girls like her in this street..
And i said.. Hi.. How are you.. You work here?
She answered ” yeah, I am PROSTITUTE ..
I try nodding .. (but obviously I knew that)
So how long you’ve been here then?
She said.. Three years.. and she asked me something in bahasa Indonesia .. But I didn’t hear clearly.. So I asked her.. Where are you from?
She said .. Romania .. Dracula .. She tried to explain more..
I smile .. And a bit curiously asked her.. So.. How come you can speak Indonesian fluently?
Ahh.. I have lots of clients from Indonesia.. They taught me how to speak Indonesian… And we chat in Bahasa Indonesia for about five minutes..
And in the end she said.. Kamu hati-hati di Barcelona ya.. ( you take care in Barcelona)

Sooo brave.. If I think about her..
She is not a COWARD to say that she’s a prostitute.. And She was HONEST from the start..

I remember..
“That man is not truly brave who is afraid either to seem or to be, when it suits him, a coward” (Edgar Allan Poe)

And I was wondering.. How many Indonesian men hanging around In Rambla del Rafal for prozies.. And while I was thinking .. I checked me wallet, me bag, me iPad and camera and my feet kept walking ..