Rambla del Rafal, me and the Girl from Romania

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Hi… Little boy.. Hi.. Little boy..

(0hhh noooo.. She’s looking at me.. ) wearing tight, bright red top.. With really short skirt, high heels..
Pretty if you look into her face..
And she keeps calling.. Hi.. Little boy…
( should I keep walking and ignore her.. Or should I stop.. )
And she said.. “cinta”…
( I think .. Did she say that.. Or I just misheard …)
I stopped and say hi.. Honestly.. She gave me a proper smile .. It wasn’t fake..
And she said.. Apa Kabar?. (it means how are you?), kamu dari Indonesia?( are you from Indonesia?), cinta? (love?)
Berapa lama di Barcelona (how long you stay in Barcelona?)
.. And she pick my chin .. Like I’m a little boy..
She wasn’t nasty.. When she looked at me.. Make me feel safe..
When I look around there are about five girls like her in this street..
And i said.. Hi.. How are you.. You work here?
She answered ” yeah, I am PROSTITUTE ..
I try nodding .. (but obviously I knew that)
So how long you’ve been here then?
She said.. Three years.. and she asked me something in bahasa Indonesia .. But I didn’t hear clearly.. So I asked her.. Where are you from?
She said .. Romania .. Dracula .. She tried to explain more..
I smile .. And a bit curiously asked her.. So.. How come you can speak Indonesian fluently?
Ahh.. I have lots of clients from Indonesia.. They taught me how to speak Indonesian… And we chat in Bahasa Indonesia for about five minutes..
And in the end she said.. Kamu hati-hati di Barcelona ya.. ( you take care in Barcelona)

Sooo brave.. If I think about her..
She is not a COWARD to say that she’s a prostitute.. And She was HONEST from the start..

I remember..
“That man is not truly brave who is afraid either to seem or to be, when it suits him, a coward” (Edgar Allan Poe)

And I was wondering.. How many Indonesian men hanging around In Rambla del Rafal for prozies.. And while I was thinking .. I checked me wallet, me bag, me iPad and camera and my feet kept walking ..




Say No to Dog Meat!!

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Say No to Dog Meat!!.

Catalan Pork Shank

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What you see is what you get..

Or your eyes are bigger than your belly..
Looking into pork shank cook with garlic, bay leaf, tomatoes, paprika ..
Looking into squid cook with parsley and garlic butter
Russian salads..
Bread ..
Mixed olives…
Cheese and ham croquettes
Hahahaha.. I just laugh coz everything look really nice..
Wise spending.. With two bottles of Cava..
Excuse me.. Am I drunk.. Because my nose is red as red as Rudolf..
But.. It’s only Pork shank… That stay in my mind.. So.. Forget squid.. Forget salad..
Hic. Hic.. Yeah.. With rich croquettes.. So rich.. So you can lick my finger..
But forget squid… Because.. Did I bite Good Year? Hahaha..
On my balcony.. Listening to the blues..
Rock cafe..

Barcelona, still.. I am in love with your Pork shank..

Ps: I still need to seduce the chef to get the Pork shank recipe 🙂 🙂 let you know soon..






Say No to Dog Meat!!

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Dear my lovely friends..

I wrote this letter is only reminder…
I know it wasn’t my responsibility to ask you or to let you know..
I was walking down the street in Villanova … Yesterday..
And I saw white with spot brown dog.. Stray.. Maybe..
Remind me .. Me Mollie..
Me Dog.. When I was a boy.. ( I am a man now)
She always look after the house when we away..
Sleep under me Dad “Jimny jangkrik”*
Bark to a strangers..
I was 7 at the time..
She didn’t eat meat… Rice and ” lodeh” was her favourite (thinking she must be vegetarian dog)
One early morning everyone talk about mollie.. Because she was gone..
Me Mom said.. Some one must be “bedog” her..
(bedog in Javanese it mean pinch, killed, for food)
My Dear friends.. We are not that poor
We are not that desperate for food ..
So.. Why do you still eat dog meat??
Is that part of our culture..really????
Dear friends.. My letter is just questioning about our appreciation of food..
Don’t you think sometime you just being greedy..
Just because you think it’s nice so you can eat what ever you want.. Include me mollie
Dear friends..
I don’t want digging more about how to killed the dog.. To satisfied your palates!!
Dear friends ..
I should introduce you with my Amy Gray..
She even know when I am feeling blue..

So.. I just want you think ..
( I bet you said.. “who the f***are you?? )
And my answer..
( it’s me Bobby.. Your old friend.. So.. Stop eating me f**** g Dog!!!!)

Bleeding of love.. (Of my frozen yoghurt)

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Bleeding of love.. Of my frozen yoghurt

When the sand gets warm even gets hot..
Bare foot I walk down the beach
Sad coz the chapel was closed
Did you ever go inside .. The Irish lady asked.. And she said.. Beautiful 
and my eyes just staring of the candles of OUR LADY Chappell 
Inside. I cry.. 
Walk down to the beach with my bare feet.. 
Is that Wind?… Or the angel blow His nostril? ..
Berries.. On top of mine.. And Caramel on top of yours
Bleeding of love.. 
No.. Or maybe..
But as long as I know.. My frozen yoghurt bleeds with berry compote..
And yours? You said .. You had enough with my sweet caramel?
 Can I have it .. So you can have my bleeding yoghurt.. 
Something that I learned today.. How sweet when I saw they were holding hands
Berries and caramel never been together 
But when you saw them holding hands.. 
As a frozen yoghurt in a sunny day..

675g Greek yoghurt
150g caster sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Berry compote

1. Mix together the yoghurt, sugar and vanilla. Refrigerate the yoghurt mixture for 45 minutes.
2. Pour the yoghurt mixture into the bowl of an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions
3 Serve with berry compote

Me Pepe..

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Pepe.. The Tapas boy.. ( someone said is hardly a Boy)

Walk down the narrow street.. Small bar?.. I call it warung if in Indo..
Fat guy.. Me Pepe.. Big smile ..
As big as his tummy ..Big question on me? Why Tapas Bar more famous than Warung Padang?
They have same style. Do they?? Or Don’t they?
Pick what you want.. Just say it.
Don’t think it’s seem menu of the day..
Coz it’s all the same.. Day by day.. Year by year
Olives, anchovies, artichokes, chicken wings, peppers and homemade breads..
Pepe.. Love it.. Especially .. when you kicked the drunkard
More laugh.. Yeah I did three glasses of estrella.. Make me laugh more
flirting with me Pepe.. Coz I want extra salted anchovies ..
Tripe !! Pepe.. No way.. I don’t eat it since I leave my homeland..
No .. I said Noooo
You such a rapist.. And .. Mmmm.. Not that bad..
Remember if my mom serve “sambal Goreng Rambak..
U can’t taste tripe as u eat soto betawi
Big smile on you Pepe.. Coz you won..
Pepe you make me have a big smile as big as your tummy..




Barca.. Spanish? Nope? Catalan.. Is about food..

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Don’t patronising that French better than Spanish

Barca.. Barcelona..
Or it’s only me.. Every time I see the new one.. Forget the old one..
Warm, sweet, so you from London.. (F***k London)

Cakes and sweet, apples and strawberries ..
Fresh.. Is that a bottle of chilled Cava..
Espanyola .. I am in love with you

Pick pocket.. You don’t care
Wow.. Double decker trains..
Are you afraid?
I am not.. Are you?

I think.. Don’t !!! Don’t think.. Just enjoy it..