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I am a bit insane lately.. I made videos and post it on YouTube, anything about Indonesian spices for food and drink…. I know it wasn’t good video and even sometime when I watch my self .. I feel cringe .. But I don’t really brain keep telling me.. Do it until people aware about Indonesian spices..

I am wondering from almost a thousand friends list from my Indonesian Facebook using Indonesian spices such as long pepper.. Lampung black pepper.. Or Indonesian vanilla pods

I thought my self .. If we (Indonesian) didn’t start self determine and proud with Indonesian produce and heritage.. We just gone with the wind!!

My Dear Indonesian friends..
You know..
Bawang merah (shallot) that we use in Indonesia they call them Thai Shallot.
kemangi that we use for lalapan.. They call them Thai basil
Same type of rice that we eat every day they call them Thai rice
Indonesian food is away behind Thai food.. Not just because they taste better!

Now a days who’s shouts the loudest .. That claim the best..
Beef Rendang .. One of Malaysia’s best dishes, Rendang was originally made by Minangkabau people in West Sumatra
And they will shout louder than us.. And one day no body knows about Rendang Padang..

From The BBC Good Food November 2010, advertisement feature they put..
Malaysian food is more popular than ever in the kitchen across the UK .. That’s largely thanks to Malaysian Kitchen, a Malaysian Government initiative launched in 2010. With Top chef Rick Stein as ambassador, the campaign has set out to educate and inform Brits about the country’s diverse and healthy cuisine..

Don’t think Indonesian government will do the same thing.. Dream on!!!!
Forget our government .. We have 200 millions people to share and to shout Louder about our produce .. Our Food.. And our cuisine

One of American that live in Jakarta tweeting : Hi Indonesia every time you take a picture of your food, God kill a kitten ..

Sod it.. Keep take a picture of your food.. Share it .. Share our recipes.. Shout out loud our Indonesian food..

Be proud of Pecel Lele , Gado Gado , Tahu Kupat, Soto Banjar, …