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Rambla del Rafal, me and the Girl from Romania

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Hi… Little boy.. Hi.. Little boy..

(0hhh noooo.. She’s looking at me.. ) wearing tight, bright red top.. With really short skirt, high heels..
Pretty if you look into her face..
And she keeps calling.. Hi.. Little boy…
( should I keep walking and ignore her.. Or should I stop.. )
And she said.. “cinta”…
( I think .. Did she say that.. Or I just misheard …)
I stopped and say hi.. Honestly.. She gave me a proper smile .. It wasn’t fake..
And she said.. Apa Kabar?. (it means how are you?), kamu dari Indonesia?( are you from Indonesia?), cinta? (love?)
Berapa lama di Barcelona (how long you stay in Barcelona?)
.. And she pick my chin .. Like I’m a little boy..
She wasn’t nasty.. When she looked at me.. Make me feel safe..
When I look around there are about five girls like her in this street..
And i said.. Hi.. How are you.. You work here?
She answered ” yeah, I am PROSTITUTE ..
I try nodding .. (but obviously I knew that)
So how long you’ve been here then?
She said.. Three years.. and she asked me something in bahasa Indonesia .. But I didn’t hear clearly.. So I asked her.. Where are you from?
She said .. Romania .. Dracula .. She tried to explain more..
I smile .. And a bit curiously asked her.. So.. How come you can speak Indonesian fluently?
Ahh.. I have lots of clients from Indonesia.. They taught me how to speak Indonesian… And we chat in Bahasa Indonesia for about five minutes..
And in the end she said.. Kamu hati-hati di Barcelona ya.. ( you take care in Barcelona)

Sooo brave.. If I think about her..
She is not a COWARD to say that she’s a prostitute.. And She was HONEST from the start..

I remember..
“That man is not truly brave who is afraid either to seem or to be, when it suits him, a coward” (Edgar Allan Poe)

And I was wondering.. How many Indonesian men hanging around In Rambla del Rafal for prozies.. And while I was thinking .. I checked me wallet, me bag, me iPad and camera and my feet kept walking ..