Long pepper Roasted Duck , Indonesian pancake with orange and long pepper sauce

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Long pepper Roasted Duck , Indonesian pancake with orange and long pepper sauce..

2 duck legs
Bunch Spring onions (4 or 5 spring onions)
4 or 5 crushing or grinding Long pepper

Prick the duck skin with fork and pouring hot water.. Let it shrink 🙂
Rub the skin with grind long pepper and salt..
Roasted for 120 min 190 C let it crispy As crispy as you can..

Indonesian Pancake or apem jawa

140 gr plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 duck eggs
Melt butter
200 ml coconut milk
Orange zest

Not being funny but I don’t want to write how to make pancake.. Everyone know how to make .. It’s just different ingredients
The only thing is use Indonesian pancake griddle or pan.. But if you don’t have 1 use any pancake pan.. (taste the same)

Thats what I say the best orange sauce recipe
Long pepper never over powering

4 oranges
5 long pepper
Pinch salt
2 tbs sugar
Drop sesame oil
Juice from roasted duck (the extra caramelise stuff in the pan .. NOT the fat)
drop of cointreau

Caramelise 2 tbs sugar .. Add orange juice from 3 oranges .. Ad slice orange from 2 oranges .. Add salt and grinding long pepper .. Add caramelise stuff from duck pan, drop Cointreau and sesame oil..

If you didn’t add juice and the caramelise stuff from the roasted duck.. The orange sauce is sooo lovely with that pancake and yoghurt for breakfast..

Ps : use variety Piper retrofractum for long pepper



STUFFED TOMATOES BY BOBBY ANANTA (My Kitchen Say Thank You.. when I didn’t make a mess)

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Rice (cooked) , Shallot, garlic, Anchovies, Parmesan Cheese, paprika, Indonesian Black pepper.. and 4 Medium Tomatoes (remember use your imagination.. and common sense and I said medium tomatoes because fit into ramekin)

I asked my friend.. Do you know how to describe “sharp flavour” of Indonesian Black pepper..

She said.. Sharp.. as sharp as Indonesian people talked about you behind your back!! hahahhaaaaaaaa